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I am looking to have a good time, but not get couched, at the upcoming festivals, what do you recommend? – Jeff, Riverside

There are a plethora of different cannabis products built specifically for energy and being social on those days when you are out and about. Before finding the product for a day of fun, we always recommend trying the product first, so you have a good idea of how the particular item will make you feel. We have heard of situations where guests will try a new product for the first time while being social and either get very sleepy or aren’t the social butterfly they would have hoped to be. Here are some of the products that we have found to provide the most euphoric, social and uplifting experiences:

  • District Gummies – 100mg Pack / 10mg per gummy – District has put together a delicious pack of gummies in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and a 1:1 CBD:THC. We love these gummies because they are flavorful, have almost zero cannabis flavor, and come packed in a very convenient blister package (similar to a pack of gum). Depending on tolerance, a single gummy (or even a half of a gummy) in either Sativa or 1:1 will provide all the effects you are looking for!
  • Beboe Vapes – 400mg Disposable Pen – Beboe has created a vape with the fashionista in mind – the stylish disposable pen will last well beyond a busy weekend and is loaded with a flavorful and effective cannabis oil. We highly recommend the“INSPIRED Sativa Blend Vaporizer Pen”
  • Lowell’s Prerolls – 1 gram single prerolls / 3.5 and 7 gram preroll packs – Need some classic cannabis? Lowell’s Herb Co has made the perfect on-the-move solution for you. A well packed preroll in various sizes, ranging from a ten pack of small 0.35 gram prerolls all the way up to a single 1 gram preroll. We recommend any of the sativa or hybrid options, along with their 7 preroll variety pack!

We at The Leaf have an amazing variety of products that are built just for the social hours, so please come by the store 7 days a week from 7am-9pm, and have our cannabis consultants help find the perfect option!

I have a bunch of people coming out for the festivals and I don’t think it’s going to be possible to round them all up for a field trip to a dispensary – so I was thinking about delivery. Can you tell me how that works? – Amy, Palm Springs

The Leaf’s delivery service is a convenient option to getting our top tier service brought right to your front door. All you have to do is get onto our website, click “Our Menu” at the top of the page, and browse through our large variety of products. Once you have made your choices and added all of your products to the cart, click on the cart and complete a quick registration where you enter your delivery address. No delivery fee and no minimum order! The Leaf wants you to be able to enjoy the best cannabis products in California without having to leave your home.

Headed to Stagecoach and was thinking about partaking in some cannabis by day and some beers by night. Any idea how long I should wait in between? – Jamie, Indio

Using alcohol and cannabis at the same time can be a very intense experience so we always recommend (especially for a new user) enjoying each on it’s own. The effects of cannabis can differ dramatically between the types of products so understanding the various products will make you a confident cannabis enthusiast.

Here’s a quick breakdown – Inhaling cannabis flower or vape cartridges will provide an effect within the first minutes of using the product and will last from 1-3 hours. On the other hand, Cannabis edibles and tinctures provide a very different experience. After consuming an edible or tincture there will be a 30 minute to 2 hour delay in effect but will have lasting effects for up to 10 hours.

Inside The Leaf El Paseo

Choosing your product wisely is extremely important when trying to get the most out of your weekend. Our recommendation would be utilizing an inhalable product that provides an uplifting and energetic experience. If you aren’t comfortable with smokable or vapable options, we would encourage (especially for a new user) a low THC (2.5mg-5mg) edible that also provides a euphoric and energizing experience. It’s a much better option to try smaller increments of edibles until you are at the right comfort level than taking more than enough and having an uncomfortable experience.

Come on into The Leaf and talk with our top rated consultants to help guide you to the perfect product to make your Stagecoach experience a memorable one! We will be having big promotions and events going on throughout the next few weeks, to learn more, follow us on our website, Instagram, or Facebook to stay up to date on all the excitement!

Have a question for a future Ask the Leaf article? Send it to The Leaf.

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