Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs Tickets are Back on Groupon

Wet 'n' Wild Palm Springs

Wet 'n' Wild Palm Springs

Wet ‘n’ Wild passes are back on Groupon – but, it looks like for today only!

Save over $10 on a single pass, $30 on a two pass combo, or almost $100 on a family package complete with 4 passes and some grub.

This summer has already been a scorcher in The Coachella Valley and the worst is yet to come. If you plan on cooling off at the waterpark, you can at least do it by saving a few bucks.

The countdown clock on the deal says it will end at midnight on Monday – so if you don’t want to miss out, grab the deal here.

And you can check out all the great deals in and around The Coachella Valley here.

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