Wendy’s CEO just blamed Hillary and Trump for low burger sales


Wendy’s is blaming Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for its low burger sales this year – and no, it’s not because seeing the two on tv every day is making people lose their appetite.

When the fast food chain failed to meet projections, CNBC reports that Wendy’s CEO started blaming the election:

“When a consumer is a little uncertain around their future and really trying to figure out what this election cycle really means to them, they’re not as apt to spend as freely as they might have even just a couple of quarters ago,” Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor said in an earnings conference call on Wednesday.

McDonald’s also recently blamed the same thing when it failed to meet its projections because surely it is all because of the election and not because customers have discovered there is just much better tasting fast food options than Wendy’s and McDonald’s out there.