Look, I know there are some out there who are already upset about this post due to the language of the title, but, honestly, I really don’t care. I am exhausted. We all are. It has been a week like no other any of us has ever had…and it’s only Thursday!!!

As I write this, I, like so many of you, are anxious about so much. Obviously, not catching and then giving others coronavirus tops the list. But then there’s nerves over just how in the shit the Coachella Valley is going to survive economically over the next few months. What is normally our busy season is looking more and more everyday like it’s going to be more of a cook at home and maybe watch a movie season – and, yeah, that’s going to hurt so many pocketbooks. I also spent the better part of 24 hours making sure my damn house didn’t flood and, seriously, you had to throw a giant storm on us at the same time as coronavirus, Mother Nature?????

Now, sadly, I don’t have any answers about how to not feel sick to your stomach every damn minute with the thought of the Spring From Hell in the Coachella Valley and just how we are going get through it.  We are all connected in this town and, though no one is saying it out loud yet, you know and I know, this is going to fucking hurt. A lot. All of us.

What I can promise to you, dear reader, is that Cactus Hugs isn’t going anywhere. And, though I don’t know exactly what we are going to do around here for a while, I will look for every opportunity to try to share useful information during this awful pandemic and, when it’s time, try to find ways to get this town (and everyone’s bank accounts) moving in the right direction again.

In the meantime, can I borrow some toilet paper?