Oh the Super Bloom. What started out as some cool pictures of pretty flowers, quickly turned into a chaotic FOMO event for every Instagrammer in Southern California full of huge crowds, jerks destroying the wildlife, traffic, parking issues, temporary closures, and just general chaos. But, it looks like someone found a way enjoy the Super Bloom without having to deal with other the crowds.

“If you are going to view the wildflowers, what better way than to silently fly over them!” Kurt Lawson wrote on Facebook after taking a photo of the unknown paraglider. “With nothing resembling a crowd anywhere near me, I enjoyed the spectacular view of the Walker Canyon area where hordes of people have been trampling the flowers to death from miles away across the valley.”

Lawson was able to capture the photo after deciding to hike the mountains across from the valley with the Super Bloom, where he captured the photo.

Glad he did.

My props to the photographer and the paraglider.

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