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Welcome to hell, Palm Springs

Welcome to hell, Palm Springs
Wednesday's forecast (NWS)

An excessive heat warning has been issued for this week in the Coachella Valley and things are going to get so toasty, several heat records could be broken – so buckle up, well, actually, careful with buckle as it’s metal and probably 400 degrees after roasting in your car and OMG look at how hot it’s going to be!!

Whoa. How bad is it? Well, let’s take a live look outside:

That seems bad.

Things are going to be hot all week – but Wednesday is really the day to watch out for in Palm Springs, as temps are going to hit 120 or above, according to the National Weather Service.

During these types of heatwaves, it’s weird, as the Coachella Valley tries to act like it’s just life as normal instead of life on the surface of the sun. Please, when it gets this hot, don’t leave any living beings in the car, stay cool any way you can, drink plenty of fluids (sorry, beer doesn’t count), check on loved ones, and DO NOT HIKE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!

Will it ever cool off again? Hopefully, at some point. I mean, it has to. Right?

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