Welcome to fuck it weather

(Cats in Fridges)

An excessive heat warning is now in effect for the Coachella Valley as temperatures will be getting up to as high as 120 – yes, 120!, over the next few days – meaning it’s time once again to welcome in “fuck it” weather.

Yes, fuck it weather. Some examples of what that means:

  • Your workplace has a no shorts policy. Fuck it. Wear shorts, it’s 120 degrees.
  • Want a little ice cream? Fuck it. Have the whole pint.
  • Thinking of calling off sick and heading to the beach? Fuck it. Your boss probably is too.
  • Shelter in your cave and use Postmates for food and supplies?  Fuck it.  Though you should tip your sweaty, sweaty driver a bit more. 
  • Go to Total Wine just to stand in the beer cooler all day?  Fuck it.  Hell maybe sneak a pillow in there.
  • Skip the gym and binge on “Orange is the New Black” all day?  Fuck it.  Hell, watch “House of Cards” too.

When it is this hot, you can say “fuck it” to just about everything – except ignoring those warnings about hiking!

Do note, temps are going to be damn close to our record highs by the middle of next week – at which point things could quickly go from “fuck it” weather to “fuck this” weather – which is basically the same, just with everyone saying “fuck this weather” over and over again.