We should all be allowed an afternoon nap when early morning earthquakes hit

Have you been up since 4:50 am today? Yeah, probably. That’s what a 4.5 magnitude earthquake in your neck of the woods will do. And, while following the quake you might have some adrenaline mixed with regret (guess you will get those emergency supplies one of these days), the hours following, especially in the afternoon, end up dragging and, well, doesn’t a nap sound great right now?

Yeah, I know, we should consider ourselves lucky that the quake wasn’t stronger and there wasn’t any injuries or serious damage. But, as a counterpoint, we are also all now tired and cranky and wasn’t nap time at pre-school the best back in the day?

So take a nap and sleep well, my friend – and can we get a break from all these earthquakes that have been happening recently?