Waymond Fermon is the winner of the Indio City Council district 2 race


Waymond Fermon has been declared the winner in the race for to represent Indio’s District 2 city Council seat.

The Riverside County Registrar posted the final totals early Friday morning, after counting votes for a month.

Fermon, naturally, was pretty excited.

The final vote totals show Fermon defeating Mayor Mike Wilson by 148 votes.

Wilson, who has been citing (wirhout evidence) ballot harvesting as the reason he was trailing, issued a statement to KESQ on Thursday, in which he said he will likely request a recount and once again cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election, saying, “We are aware of my opponent’s Campaign going door to door and asking for voters absentee ballots to vote with during the last days of the Campaign and have first-hand account of it. Until we see the ballots themselves and are able to make some conclusions I have nothing more to add to my initial statement.”

Wilson then rambled on about things in Orange County and hearing anecdotal stories before adding, “This is third world country tactics at best.”

Gee, it’s a wonder more people didn’t want to vote for him.

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