Watch: Television idiot get schooled on Palm Springs ‘racist trees’

(Fox News)

Tucker Carlson is, well, an idiot. On Wednesday night’s show, Carlson, who is just sofa king dumb, thought a cool headline would be “Racist Trees” and that he could bring on a guest and steam roll over them by saying “racist trees” over and over again, then have a  stupidass look on his face every time his guest speaks. Luckily, Palm Springs resident Trae Daniel knows what the hell he is talking about and proceeds to school the second dumbest person on Fox News about how the trees were originally planted to block a historically African American neighborhood from Tahquitz Creek, a golf course owned by the city.


The Desert Sun had a good write up the other day about the trees and their history. You can read it here – and you will probably need to now, since your grandpa will surely now be spouting off about “racist trees” during Christmas dinner.