It’s Spring Break and Palm Springs is not overloaded with college students partying as far as the eye can see. But, that wasn’t always the case. Here are some videos of what the spring break scene used to look like on Palm Canyon Drive and throughout downtown Palm Springs before Mayor Sonny Bono killed it using concrete barriers and new laws banning motorcycles and string bikinis from downtown.

Oh, but back in the day things were pretty crazy in the Coachella Valley in March and April – with tens of thousands of young people flocking to the desert for fun, sun, and plenty of partying.

Here’s a video of Springs Break in Palm Springs from 1989 (sorry about the terrible music that accompanies it):

So many bikinis, convertibles, scooters, and water pistols – what a time to be alive!

And this one is from 1990 shot mostly on Palm Canyon Drive in downtown Palm Springs:

As you can see, things have changed during Spring Break in the city of Palm Springs just a little bit since then.

And, if you like old school videos of the Coachella Valley, be sure to check out the others we have found here.

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