[WATCH] Car gets spun into big rig in dramatic hit and run on the 10 Freeway in the IE


A dramatic crash on the 10 freeway was caught on video.

In the video, an Infiniti driving in the left lane suddenly swerves into another lane, which is occupied by a BMW. The BMW careens off another vehicle, starts to spin, and ends up underneath a moving big rig. The Infiniti just keeps driving.

It all happened about 3 pm Wednesday in Rialto east of Riverside Avenue, according to a Facebook post by Alan Parcero. Parcero says it was his mother in the BMW and that she suffered only minor cuts and bruises in the accident.

In the post, Parcero is asking for someone to come forward with information about the driver of the Infiniti.

“After all of that, the person in the Infinity still had the audacity to leave the scene,” he wrote. “Justice will be served and karma will catch up to you guaranteed. Thankfully my mom was able to walk away from the incident with only minor cuts and bruises.”