Watch a Terrible California Morning Show Piss Off Cara Delevingne

Model / actress Cara Delevingne was booked on Good Day Sacramento to promote her movie Paper Towns.  Things did not go well.

The stereotypical, overly-chipper (and almost cartoonish) morning team clearly spent zero time researching who Delevingne was or anything about the movie (keep in mind, these people make a living reading words someone else typed into a prompter) – and instead of asking anything interesting, screwed up her name (“Carla”) and asked her dumb shit like if she read the Paper Towns book and some weird thing about focusing and being busy (because they looked at her IMDB, ugh).

Cara was not pleased and it showed.

The worst part is how the anchors react when the interview is over.

“You make $5 million for six weeks’ worth of work,” one anchor says. “You can pretend to talk to Good Day Sacramento with some oomph.”

Whatever you say, professional prompter readers.