Watch: 3 California Bros Create Epic Ad For Garage Sale

SLO Garage Sale

Memorial Day weekend is usually a pretty big weekend for garage sales. But how do you make yours stand out? If you are three dudes in San Luis Obispo, you create an epic ad and post it on YouTube.

Nick, Matt, and Rhys are selling all of their stuff. They need to move out in a couple weeks and they are getting rid of TVs, furniture, an old Mac computer, a snowboard and more. And not need to wake up early as they are starting at 12:30pm, so you can go “after church”. ¬†Best of all, everything is just a dollar! (Of course, it being a garage sale old people will still haggle over the price because dealing with people at your garage sale is always the worst)¬†

SLO may be a good 5.5 hours from Palm Springs, but after watching their video, you may be tempted to take a road trip.