Wang’s in the Desert, which was supposed to close last month, is still open

Back in December, it was announced that Wang’s in the Desert, a longtime restaurant / bar in downtown Palm Springs was being sold and would be closing down in January. Well, it’s now February and, what do you know? The place is still open.

So why? Well, the Desert Sun reports:

Wang’s owner, Lonnie Landers, agreed in late 2019 to sell the property to a group of local hoteliers who planned to close and renovate the well-known, pan-Asian spot, which is on tribal-owned land in Palm Springs. But the sale fell through during escrow due to issues that arose surrounding the land lease between Landers and the tribal owner of the property.

Still, the parties are still interested in trying to reach a deal. Wang’s general manager, Guy Garrett, said that the restaurant is staying open in the meantime.

No word on what, exactly, was the complications that arose from the lease.  Wang’s plans on continuing to stay open until a sale is completed.