Walmart has decided that they should stop making their employees feel like worthless pieces of shit – surprising, seeing as how that was their business model since basically forever.  The company’s first step: playing less crappy music on the public address system.

The company announced new tactics to make employees less miserable on Sunday, including some new cash incentives (I know money always helps make me happier) and a looser dress code (jeans!). But, as Fortune reports, one specific change got the biggest cheers from employees:

But one strategy that elicited a particularly loud ovation from the crowd: An end to the constant loop of Celine Dion and Justin Bieber music blasted into stores from headquarters.

Instead, the company is bringing back Radio Walmart after 9 years, meaning an actual DJ will keep things fresh, rather than playing the same handful of CD’s over and over as many stores did, driving countless associates (and customers, too, probably) batty. Even better, individual stores will have more control over their thermostats rather than having headquarters decide.

No more Titanic theme and the store won’t be as cold as an iceberg.

Thanks for showing that you care Walmart.


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