The Wall Street Journal says you need this $250 ‘Summer Sweater’ for Palm Springs

(The Armoury)

The Wall Street Journal is out with an article today on the ‘most underrated vacation essential’ for men visiting numerous cities around the globe, including Palm Springs. And what item could a man in Palm Springs use more in 120 degree, humid heat? Why a “summer sweater,” of course!

In Palm Springs, where temps rarely fall below the high 70s, it’s less about staying warm, than about staying prepared. The Armoury’s featherweight merino crewneck is so light, you’ll barely even notice it’s there—that is until you appreciate its elegant insulation against the icy A/C at that dinner party.

Oh good.  A $250 sweater that is so light, it’s basically not even a sweater – and it’s just perfect for all of those dinner parties with frigid A/C you are never invited to.  Seriously though, I want a friend who feeds me and let’s me mooch their A/C all night!

Naturally, the internet agrees that this was not the best recommendation for the scorching heat of the Coachella Valley.