This last week I was in San Diego for Comic Con. It was my first time attending the nerd gathering, and since its wrap up, I have been in a horribly depressed state. I’ve been told it’s called “Post-Con Blues”, however, I’d like to go with “Con-nui” because I love myself a good play on words.

Anyway, I wanted to take you all on a journey to revisit one of my favorite memories from my experience. It doesn’t involve comics, celebrities, or cosplay. It’s bigger than all of those combined. I’m talkin’ bout donuts.

After a late night, I woke up to find myself in the need of sustinence. A quick yelp search brought my attention to a place called Donut Bar. It was a mile and a half away from where I was, and after seeing photos of their product, I realized that the distance was not going to hold me back. I trekked over mountains, past billy goats gruff, over streams and rivers. This journey of mine put Forrest Gump’s “I just felt like running” scene to shame! (Oh man, that opening scene of Game of Thrones season 7, amirite?!)

After what felt like years (it was 25 minutes) I finally made it to my donut destination.

Only to find a shockingly long line.

(Mari Hinojosa)

Now, up until this point, I had not waited in line for anything at Comic Con. And pretty much refused. It was my first Con and I didn’t want to waste it waiting in line. But these donuts had to be worth it. I waited an hour. No, actually, I survived waiting in line for an hour. Between screaming kids, loud show-offy sports car drivers, and screaming kids, this wait was truly a test of my patience and love for fellow man.

Upon entry into this greasy, sugar-heavy mecca, I was greeted with the realization that Donut Bar not only had an incredible display of donuts in a bar like setup, but also served (cue heavenly sounding music here) BEER.

(Mari Hinojosa)

Donuts and beer. Under one roof. Genius! Evil genius?

(Mari Hinojosa)

After obsessing over my photo of the menu while I overcame the urge to commit a crime, I had settled on 5 donuts. I had a plan and I wasn’t going to deviate from it. Butterbeer (an obvious choice), Snickers, birthday cake (free with a Yelp check-in), maple bacon, and strawberry split. I walked in and that plan was very quickly going to get in a car and drive across the country.

Their claim to fame “donut” (see: weapon of mass destruction) is the Big Poppa Tart. It’s a Pop Tart wrapped in donut material, deep fried, filled with jelly, then topped with icing, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles (of course). These people are mad with power! Mad, I tell you! There’s even a video playing, showing just how it’s made. Brainwashing you to your sugary death.

(Mari Hinojosa)

I ended up not straying from my initial order and was happy with my choices. To celebrate Comic Con, they made special donuts for Conan, Wonder Woman, Chewbacca, Yoda, Spider-Man, Baby Groot (I am Groot!) and even fidget spinner donuts. Because apparently the world wasn’t complete without that addition.

Be prepared with your order when it’s your turn! Don’t be the person that holds up the line. The people will revolt! Their ordering system is effective and gets customers in and out. I was really impressed with the whole operation.

(Mari Hinojosa)

Prices ranged from $5 for a made-to-order French toast donut, (taste tested that in line, and very much worth the price) to $2 for a Snickers, birthday cake, or creme brûlée donut. Everything else was right in the middle. I felt that the prices were fair, given that the donuts themselves are massive!

(Mari Hinojosa)

Once I left I felt like I was carrying the Heart of the Ocean in my hands. Literal gold, basically! I carefully walked the box back to the hotel and dug in. The Snickers donut was delicious. It captured the essence of a Snickers bar, and offered up the softest cake donut I’ve had in my life.

(Mari Hinojosa)

Overall, it was worth the 583 mile journey, 38 hour wait, and 4 years off my life (per donut). If you’re in Downtown San Diego, check the place out, it really is awesome! If the idea of a delicious, fresh baked donut (or 5) doesn’t entice you, then the smell of bacon definitely will!

Donut Bar, 631 B St, San Diego, CA 92101, (619) 255-6360

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