These videos of the Southern California fires are horrifying and surreal


Video has surfaced of the drive on the 405 Freeway on Wednesday morning and it is equal parts surreal and terrifying.

😳The scene in California is straight out of a Roland Emmerich film

Posted by Barstool Sports on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

“It was dark until I saw a gigantic ball of orange,” I-405 motorist Tiffany Lynette Anderson wrote on Instagram, where she posted a picture of fire raging beside the highway before it was closed. “On absolute fire. I’m grateful to be safe — truly grateful.”

Selah. It is really bad here. This is what I passed driving into work at 5:45am. iTried to turn around to go home and couldn’t. iDidnt even see the fire until iRode up on it. It was dark until iSaw a gigantic ball of orange. It’s the Bel Air mountains, on the northbound side of the 405 freeway across from the Getty Center. On absolute fire. I’m grateful to be safe; truly grateful. I’m at work with the little one. My boss will make sure I’m ok because she’s thoughtful in that way. My heart is sad today, especially for all the people losing everything and first responders and their families. It is in this moment that my relationship withJESUS means everything to me and that everything my parents ever taught me about HIM trumps the anxiety that’s trying to form in my heart. Please check in with THE LIVING & LOVING GOD. For REAL. His name is #JESUS. #losangeles #fire #405freeway #Selah #God #iLoveYou #YouWillKeepMeSafe #firstresponders #firefighter #police #paramedic #Jesus #Jesus #Jesus #Mercy

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The fire, named the Skirball Fire because of its proximity to the Skirball Cultural Center, is one of many fires raging throughout Southern California.

The forecast is calling for winds to pick up Wednesday night through Thursday morning, posing a greater risk for fires to spread.

Be safe out there and thank you to all of the men and women who are putting their lives on the line to take on these fires.


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