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Video: ‘The Avengers’ Play ‘Family Feud’ on Kimmel


Avengers Family Feud Kimmel

The Avengers dropped by Jimmy Kimmel last night to play a round of Family Feud. Robert Downey led his team, “The Mans” with Scartlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth – while Chris Evans led “The Americas” with Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner.

The featured questions were pretty basic:

  • Name something you do in a movie theater besides watching a movie?
  • Besides super hero, name a profession that requires you to wear tights.
  • Name the worst place to turn into the Hulk.

Early on, Kimmel proclaims, “typically, tequila doesn’t play as much of a role in the game as it will tonight”, and in the end, the winning team gets a pretty amazing prize.

It is a pretty enjoyable clip. Watch here: