Video shows 5-year-old rescued after dangling off chairlift at Bear Mountain

A 5-year-old was rescued at the Bear Mountain resort in Big Bear Lake on Saturday after she briefly dangled from a chairlift.

The girl, named Sara, was sitting with her 7-year-old sister and a ski instructor on a seat that was iced over from freezing rain the night before, according to ABC 7. Sara slipped off the seat and her instructor grabbed the hood of her jacket, holding on for about a minute.

“I turned back and I saw Sara dangling from the chairlift and she was just there and she was dangling. I couldn’t do anything about it,” Sara’s mother told the tv station in between sobs.

Videos taken of the incident show the girl being caught with a tarp below.

5-year-old skier left dangling from Bear Mountain chair lift

A five-year-old skier lost conscious after she was left dangling from a chairlift at the Bear Mountain Ski Resort in Big Bear Lake, California, on Sunday, March 3. ABC 7 reported the girl’s ski instructor caught her hoodie after she slipped out of the chairlift. Video from Ryan King shows a crowd of skier gathering below the chairlift with a tarp to catch the girl. The girl suffered some bruising in the incident, according to ABC7.

Posted by Idaho Statesman on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sara briefly passed out, according to her mother. It’s not clear if she lost consciousness or swallowed her tongue. Her mother also said that her tongue and legs hurt and that there is bruising around her neck and legs.

“I mean thank God. This could have been so much worse,” her mother told ABC 7.

The resort is investigating.