Video: Shirtless Huntington Beach Dude Destroys $1,300 Drone With Towel

Huntington Beach Drone
A Huntington Beach man had enough of a startup company filming an instructional drone video in his neighborhood…so he killed the drone with one swat of a towel.

The $1,300 drone was being flown by a company called Lucky 7 Drones who were legally flying the device only a few feet off the ground. The neighbor, who told police that he was worried the drone would be used to spy on his house (what is he hiding?), wasted no time in snapping a towel at the drone and watching it fall to the ground.

Lucky 7 Drones has filed a police report and hope to recover their money from the man in order to purchase a new drone. “All I want is for the guy to bring me over a check that won’t bounce or cash so that we can go replace this for our employee and move on with it,” Mike Luzansky, of Lucky 7 Drones told NBC 4.