Video: Rancho Mirage Works to Ban Young People…and All Outdoor Music!

keep out

This week, The City of Rancho Mirage announced its desire to ban persons under 30 from renting vacation homes – and the reasons why are absurd, ridiculous, documented in the video above (they actually want to outlaw ALL outdoor noise.  All of it!!!). “Staff discoveries” were presented to the council by city marketing manager Robert Barrett.

We have whittled down over 30 minutes of council time to 2 minutes of “highlights” – where we learn:

  • Of course, Coachella Fest is to blame for everything!!!
  • University students are “enthralled with The Palm Springs vibe”
  • University students travel in huge groups and are willing to spend $75 a night for “unsupervised fun”
  • No one in Rancho Mirage can listen to anything outside…ever (okay, maybe smooth jazz)
  • The 30-year-old age limit was totally pulled out of someone’s ass
  • There will be no laying or lying on any roof

Seems legit.

(Featured image via Bradley Gordon / CC)