Video: Pasadena Driver Jams on His Recorder to ZZ Top While in Traffic

What do you do while stuck in traffic? Sit? Stare? Dream of not being in traffic? Well, one Pasadena driver has found a better way to spend time trapped behind the wheel: playing a little music on his recorder.

Redditor SeagoatCM posted the video on Sunday of the unidentified musician jamming along to ZZ Top’s La Grange – and soon after, another wonderful video of the same man surfaced:


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ZZ Top that was not…in fact, no one has any idea what that song was.

One Redditor claimed that the man was their father (no way to know this for sure) and commented:

Dad has always been a, well, “artistic” kind of a guy. In the late 80’s he was in a jazz band that toured with Kenny G. He was a big fan of acid jazz which is why you hear him playing that wild style. Sadly, my mother divorced him in 1996 because of his weird behavior and lack of money. I think it was the right decision. I still see him sometimes, but he lives in tiny apt on Fair Oaks which smells like cat. Nice enough guy though, wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Rock on man!

(H/T Gawker)