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Video: Palm Springs man rescues driver from burning car


A Palm Springs man rescued a man from a burning car in Riverside after a wreck resulting from a street race. It was all captured on video.

Santiago Portillo, from Palm Springs, began recording the accident with his phone – but noticed there was a man inside the burning car, reports ABC 7. Portillo then put the phone down and went to rescue the man.

“I saw an arm hanging out the window and a sweater,” Portillo told KMIR. “I knew there was a human life in there. I just wasn’t going to witness that guy getting roasted.”

Firefighters and paramedics arrived a short time later to the crash site on Indiana Avenue near Tyler Street.

The driver suffered a severe laceration to his head and his leg was also injured, according to authorities.

Police are searching for a second driver who was in the street race who sped away after the crash.

Portillo, who works at the Riverside Mattress Showroom, does not consider himself a hero.

“I’m not a hero, I’m just a human being,” Portillo said to KMIR. “I’ll do it all over again for anybody.”