Video: Naked Riverside Man Wreaks Havoc in Apartment Complex

Naked Anaheim Man

Surveillance cameras captured a naked dude’s wild night in an Anaheim parking structure over the weekend. The video shows the man diving head first into a minivan and then getting thrown off the hood of a moving car.

Garrett Smith, a 21-year-old from Riverside is first seen streaking through that quad and into the gymnasium around an apartment complex’s parking structure at approximately 11:30pm on Saturday.

Smith then dashes towards a minivan and dives head-first through the back window of the vehicle, which was not open, breaking the window and forcing him to the ground.  But, not for long.

Smith then charges at another car being driven by Clarisa Vidrio and jumps on her hood.  A startled Vidrio hits the minivan with her car (how that driver is going to explain this to Geico is beyond me).  Smith gets thrown off the car at which point some guys from the apartment complex approach him, only to see him run away.

Vidrio called Anaheim police and they arrested Smith a few blocks away.  Smith faces charges of vandalism, being under the influence and resisting arrest.  I know what you are thinking…and the results of his blood test won’t be in for a few weeks.