Video: KMIR creeps out, feeds Carl’s Jr. customers for ratings


What, exactly, is going on here…I do not know.

My best guess of what happened is under the video:

This must be how it all went down…

Carl’s Jr. Cashier: Welcome to Carl’s Jr., can I take your order.

Reporter: No, thanks. I’m just going to stand here with a camera and make people feel super awkward before using this gift card we traded out for mentions to buy people Famous Stars.

Cashier: Ummmm, ok, I guess.

Reporter: I will just be here, standing as close to everyone as possible and filming them in a totally not creepy way.

Cashier: Can I help who is next?

Customer: I think she is next.

Reporter: No, I am not ordering.  Just here to stand next to the register with a camera for no reason that is going to surprise you.

Customer: Oh. Ummm, ok. Can I have a Famous Sta…


Customer: Whoa, that is awfully nice, but you almost gave me a heart attack.  So you are with the TV then?

Reporter: Yes, we are doing good by “buying” you a fast food meal – which is all brought to you by Agua Caliente Casino, because no good deed should go without a sales sponsorship. 

Customer: Thanks. Hey, do you know what would really do a lot of good for the community?

Reporter: Free fries too?

Customer: Well that and maybe if you guys in the news covered what is really going on in town instead of ratings stunts and sensationalizing everything.  Take for instance the upcoming local elections and how the various measures and state propositions might impact the people who live here in the Coachella Valley. Seems like a lot of important things that local citizens should know about like increased taxes, legalized marijuana, the death penal…

Reporter: Fine you can have fries too.  Next customer!!