Video: Indio Man Climbs Tree to Avoid Cops, Later Hit By Truck

A man in Indio is in custody after a weird chain of events on Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred at the corner of Jackson Street and Avenue 42.

According to the Indio Police Department, officers were called to Jackson and Avenue 42 when a witness reported an argument between a man an a woman. KESQ reports, the man then climbed a tree when officers arrived:

The Desert Sun reports that the man was throwing things at the cops while in the tree.

But what happened next is when things got truly bizarre.

Cops moved a bit away from the tree.  That is when the man climbed down and, in the video below, can be seen running from officers. He runs into the road and gets hit by a red pickup truck.

The man is at first startled, but then gets up, pulls up his shorts (yes, there is an ass shot in the video), and begins running again. But, before he can get very far, he is tackled by officers.

The man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. There have been no reports of him being charged with a crime.