Video: Grill your burgers with an ice cube on top and other solid grilling tips

Looking to make you and your family some amazing hamburgers?  Try grilling up your burger with an ice cube on top!  No seriously, do it.  It sounds crazy, but it works.  Here is a video with some great grilling tips that will not only make your food tastier, it will also make your life easier. 

So why put an ice cube on a burger patty while grilling?

Well, because it will help distribute much needed moisture to the beef while it cooks over the hot grill.  How you add the ice cube is up to you.  You can place it on top of the hamburger or, fold it into the center of the patty like a boss.

Don’t believe me?  Watch this video that features this quick and easy grilling hack along with five others that have you grilling like a pro.


See! Now Put the Ice Cube on Your Burger While on the Grill Already!!!

Here are some more tips from Howdini for making burgers, kabobs, fish and more – plus a handy tip on an easy way to clean your grill after you’re done cooking:

  • Using tin foil and an onion to clean your grill
  • Pour some hot water on your propane tank to see how much propane you have left
  • Cook your fish on a bed of lemons
  • Cook your burgers with a stick of butter or an ice cube on top
  • Soak your kabob skewers in water

Now get out there and grill up a tasty burger (and make me one too, please)!