Video: This ‘Family Feud’ contestant is not ashamed of his S&M fetish


Family Feud, a game show that supposedly surveys 100 people about various topics even though no one knows or has heard of anyone actually getting surveyed – occasionally has a risqué survey topic on the board. This is done so people have to say things that host Steve Harvey can then completely overreact to while the family is forced to put up with it because there is money to be had at the end of the game. This week featured one of those times.

“Name something some people like to have on when they’re making love,” was the topic at hand during this particular round of the Feud. And with answers like music, lingerie, cologne, “THROBBIN’ HOOD,” (dafuq?) already on the board, one woman guesses “well, you know… props. Like handcuffs?”

Enter dorky looking husband of the woman Tripp, who responds, “That is what I’m talkin’ bout, Steve! That’s always my answer! I like to feel vulnerable!”

This was just too much for Steve Harvey to handle