Video: Bicyclist Freaks Out on Cop Over 3-Foot Law

Cyclist freaks out on cop
A cyclist in La Verne was not at all happy with a California Highway Patrol officer after a close encounter on a narrow roadway.

The video (below) shows self-proclaimed avid cyclist Kenneth Adams angrily confronting the officer, telling the cop that he narrowly missed him and a friend with his SUV on Glendora Mountain Road near Glendora – a pretty narrow road.

Adams claims the officer left less than 2 feet of space between his SUV and the bicyclists – the law now requires 3 feet.  “You passed us with a foot to spare, that is endangering our lives,” Adams says to the officer.

“I can not violate a law to follow a law,” the officer says in the video – stating that he can not cross over to the wrong side of the road to give the necessary 3 feet.

The CHP says that they have been in contact with Adams about the incident.

“We will continue to work together to ensure everyone is educated on the rules of the road. Safety is our top priority and particularly with the 3 foot law. There is still some confusion about how it applies in various circumstances,” CHP officials released in a statement.