Video: A guy looked under his movie theater seat and ?

A guy by the name of Corey dropped his keys on the floor while checking out “Bohemian Rhapsody at the AMC Theatres at the Ontario Mills Mall and quickly learned there were plenty of uninvited guests under his seat.

“dropped my keys on the floor tonight at AMC Ontario mills used my phone light to look for my keys when I found bugs infested underneath me …never have I been so disgusted, ” Corey posted, along with a video, on Facebook.

Corey notified the theater’s management and AMC released a statement to ABC 7:

“A third-party pest-control expert was at the theatre this morning in response to the guest claim and video. The pest-control expert identified the insects as gnats and treated the affected area.”

Props to the theater for acting so fast, but I think this is just another good reason for me to just watch movies at home from now on.