Couple busted for smoking and doing it on Vegas High Roller

(las Vegas Police)
(las Vegas Police)

A man and a woman were arrested on the High Roller ferris wheel in Vegas after they repeatedly ignored requests from security to stop smoking, taking off their clothes, and getting it on.

Chloe Scordianos, 21, of Hicksville, NY, and Philip Frank Panzica III, 27, were arrested and charged with committing sex acts in public, a felony on the afternoon of February 5th. Via The Las Vegas Review Journal:

Security officers used the intercom to tell the amorous couple to “please put all cigarettes out and put all clothes back on.”

They stopped, briefly sat down, but then went back at it. They refused a second request to end the tryst.

That’s when the Las Vegas police were called.

The criminal complaint alleges extensive nudity and cunnilingus on the world’s tallest observation wheel, which is billed as “The Happiest Half Hour in Vegas!”.

Seems about right. 

“They both said they were just having a good time and didn’t think anyone would notice,” the arresting officers wrote in their report.

Police watched the video and “clearly saw Scordianos laying on her back in the center of the cabin. Panzica was on his knees over Scordianos and removed her dress. He also removed his clothes while standing up, exposing his penis and bare buttocks, allowing anyone in public to see.”

Spectators in another cabin could see the act and a few of them even recorded it – meaning there is finally someone’s vacation video you might actually want to see.

Scordianos, who was celebrating her 21st birthday, has now lawyered up.

“Ms. Scordianos denies the allegations that this was a public sex act,” said her lawyer, Chris Rasmussen. “People who ride the Linq believe they have an expectation of privacy in the individual cars.”

You can currently score an all-you-can drink deal for the High Roller on Groupon – they just ask that you try and keep your clothes on.