Valley Voice has a plan to save El Paseo: ‘Use it more’

El Paseo, Palm Desert’s slowing dying shopping and restaurant district, has been looking for ways to save itself from a slow death for a very long time now.  Suggestions and plans so far have ranged from a movie theatertaller buildings, professional offices, piano bars, and balloons!  None of those have, to this point, have rallied to the public as just the thing to Make El Paseo Great Again (#MEPGA), but now, a new voice has emerged in the local newspaper with a simple suggestion to save the street.

In a Valley Voice posted this week, an “international real estate business consultant” offers up this quick and easy way to Make El Paseo Great Again (emphasis by me):

We cannot survive just with seasonal tourism and seasonal jobs/industries. We have a good story with El Paseo. We just have to use it more and better and market it, together with the town, to California and well beyond. Let’s not tear down the house just because the kitchen cabinets need updating.

Ahh, yes.  If we just used El Paseo more, it wouldn’t be so damn quiet all the time! This just makes sense, people.  Now if only there was a place or two you actually wanted to go and you could do it outside of 11 am to 4 pm.