Ummmm…Is a Local Palm Springs TV Personality Lying to Us?

PIX1861 / Pixabay

Ummm…is a certain local TV news personality being less than truthful with Cactus Hugs? You tell me.

You see, yesterday Local 2’s Patrick Evans posted this photo of a couple of sprinkles on his windshield to Facebook:

Local 2 Facebook Rain

One of you guys saw it and passed it along to me. I then posted a witty entertaining charming hysterical half-assed PSA asking for the local media to possibly pull over to the side of the road from now on before snapping a photo of a couple of drops on their windshield.

Well, Patrick saw the post and responded:

Patrick Evans

He wrote:

“Casey, and the entire Cactus Hugs team: The vehicle was stopped at the light at Vista Chino, not in motion when the picture was taken. I cropped the stoplight out and then posted it from my doctor’s office upon my arrvial. No one was at anytime in any danger. So chill my nervous-nelly friends!”

Oooooooooooh (forehead slap).  It was a just crop-job.  Well case-closed.  All of us nervous-nellies can just chill now.

Hey, you know what.  Just to be sure. Let’s pull up a Google Map of that intersection:

Google Map Indian Canyon

Hmmmm…that is odd. That light is pretty far back from where Patrick’s “cropped photo” seems to be. Maybe it is a zoom and a crop, but there are a couple of reasons that does not make sense:

  • If it was a zoom, wouldn’t the dashboard be cropped out too (or at least not normal size)?
  • The photograph does not seem to be at all pixelated, so either Patrick has an amazing camera or maybe it was not zoomed?
  • Looking at the orientation of the car and the right side of the road, Patrick’s location on the road would seem to be much further up than where the stoplight is.
  • Looking at the orientation of the front of the car, there does not appear to be a crosswalk on the road…which would be present back at the stoplight.
  • Why waste the time to crop out a stoplight just to show raindrops on your windshield?
  • Looking at the Google Map photo again, that bridge is really far from that intersection!
  • Why would he be zooming into the bridge on a picture showcasing raindrops and wait, if it was a zoom…wouldn’t the rain then be blurred?

Well, that is certainly weird.  But who knows, maybe I have just seen Oliver Stone’s JFK too many times – and now everything is a conspiracy to me.  I mean, why would someone lie about something like this?

So, giving Patrick the benefit of the doubt, I have just asked for the non-cropped photo – so we can all just make this whole thing go away forever:

Patrick Evans Rain Reply

My reply:

Patrick, gotcha. Can you please post your uncropped photo (with the stoplight in it) just so all of us nervous nellys can be certain the roads are safe?

So far, I have not heard back.

So, while we wait for the photo, tell me what do you think?