Ummm…Why Are Snowbirds Back in The Desert Already?

As the people who survived the long, hot, weird Coachella Valley Summer, Palm Springs locals used to be entitled to at least a couple of days of nice weather before the Snowbirds come back to town. But not this year, I guess.

Yesterday, within an hour, I saw 2 out-of-state license plates parked way over the lines at Trader Joe’s in Palm Desert, an old man cruising Highway 111 in a convertible (in 108 degree heat), and I waited behind about a dozen blue hairs at the Post Office.

Now while they have not officially kicked off the Snowbird season – with the ceremonial driving into a retail store event – it still seems like there are an awful lot of them here for early September (aren’t they supposed to give us to at least mid-October?).

Have you been seeing them too?  Let me know in the comments below.