Ugh!! Please, don’t just throw your used tires into the desert!

Over the weekend a group of community members got together and rounded up a bunch of discarded tires around Landers, a community of less than 4,000 people north of Yucca Valley.  According to Z107.7, a whopping 800 tires were collected Рor about one abandoned tire per every five people who live there.

The radio station notes that many of these tires were left in the desert in order to avoid paying a $5.31 disposal fee at the Landers landfill – which is about the price of a fast food combo meal. But hey, it’s just the environment, right?

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The Landers tire clean up

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The tires that were collected are now headed to a special recycling program.

Meanwhile, those who illegal dumped the tires are most likely headed to spend eternity in hell.

If you you are looking for how to get rid of used tires in the High Desert or Coachella Valley, check with your waste disposal service for how to go about doing it. Some cities – such as Palm Springs – will pick up tires from your home at no charge.

There are also a number of free tire recycling events scheduled around the Coachella Valley – which you can get details about here.

For more information about landfills in the High Desert, click here.