Ugh, AARP just told a bunch of snow birds to come to Palm Springs

Is it just me, or does the Greater Palm Springs area seem more crowded than ever this year? I just got back from a trip from Palm Springs to La Quinta on Highway 111 and it took over 44 hours!!! Okay, maybe not that long, but it felt that long.  And it’s not only traffic.  You can no longer find a seat at happy hour, there are people stalling the line while writing checks at the grocery stores again,  and don’t even make me get into the elegant paper towel situation. And it might get even worse as Expedia-AARP just named the Coachella Valley as one of the “9 Places for Snow Birds This Winter.”

You could say the opposite of a winter wonderland would be a desert oasis. Enter Palm Springs, California, one of the best places to visit in California during the winter that’s hasn’t seen a lick of snow in decades. And that’s good because when you tee off at one of the award-winning golf courses in the area, you don’t want it to be under a shower of snow flurries. But this place is much more than a golf destination. There are miles of trails to explore in the Indian Canyons and a lively downtown scene along Palm Canyon Drive.

Ahh yes, because those snow birds are well known for loving that “lively downtown scene” in Palm Springs.

Other cities on the list include San Antonio, Lake Charles, and Mesa and please just go there, snow birds.

We are full.