UCR Student Who Tried to Kill 2 Ex BF’s Set Free From Jail

Barabara Wu Court Photo

A former student at The University of California Riverside who was accused having trying to have not just one, but two ex-boyfriends murdered was set free from jail.

23-year-old Barbara Wu was sentenced to three years and four months in prison, but is expected to be released on Monday for time served after accepting a plea deal with prosecutors dropping several charges.

Prosecutors alleged Wu attempted to have two ex-boyfriends killed, as ABC 7 reports:

During a preliminary hearing, one of Wu’s alleged targets testified that Wu asked him to kidnap and kill her former boyfriend and dispose of the body. After reporting it to police, the witness was asked to wear a wire during his next encounter with Wu. During that encounter, Wu allegedly incriminated herself, according to testimony.

Another ex-boyfriend said Wu had a plan to kill her high school boyfriend back in 2010. He testified he was with her when she bought a shovel, needles and duct tape. He told the court while he thought the plan was nonsense, he was pretty sure Wu was serious.

It was also claimed that Wu not only wanted to kidnap and kill her ex, who broke up with her by email (wonder why?), but wanted to first torture him by sticking needles into his fingertips.

Now thanks to her plea agreement, Wu will be out of jail and that means she will also be back in the dating pool.

Fellas, you may really to think about avoiding this one.