UberEATS is doing free McDonald’s deliveries for Cyber Monday

Can’t pull yourself away from your computer on Cyber Monday? No problem as UberEATS will bring you a Big Mac and fries without a delivery fee.

Just head over to their website and use the code CYBERMCD for free delivery from participating McDonald’s locations.

The code will work all day on Cyber Monday, November 27 so grab yourself an Egg McMuffin for breakfast, a Quarter Pounder for lunch, or a McRib for dinner – or, have all three delivered.  I don’t judge.  Using UberEATS is easy and, if you have never used it before, this is a cheaper way to learn how it all works.

Now just to be clear, you still have to pay for the food and you might want to go ahead and plan on tipping your driver who braved the snow birds on 111 to get your meal to you.  But hey, you didn’t have to put on pants to get McNuggets.  So victory!

Get more info at UberEATS and if you are interested in making some extra cash driving for Uber, you can get details on that here.