Two dehydrated hikers call for help on the same Palm Springs trail

The Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue was called to rescue a male hiker a little before noon on Monday and, while they were carrying him out, received a call to help yet another dehydrated hiker on the same trail. Not that you need a reminder, but Monday was hot af in the Coachella Valley and, yeah, not a great day to go for a hike.

The man was carried to an ambulance and treated, according to KESQ. The other dehydrated hiker refused medical aid, for some reason.

The search and rescue team didn’t say which trails the dehydrated hikers were on – only that it’s a “popular” trail in Palm Springs.  They did say the temperature during the rescue was about 110 degrees and perhaps everyone can consider waiting until the fall to hike again.


  1. I know it won’t stop everyone (and might encourage a few) but in AZ most of the desert trailheads have signs that essentially say “There’s a strong chance you could die here.” Might dissuade a couple of people.

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