Two Bros asked San Clemente for a Mount Rushmore-style Paul Walker memorial


A couple of Paul Walker super fans went toSan Clemente City Hall this week to ask for a memorial for the movie star.

The fans were rejected in March after they asked for a 12-foot stature of Walker to be erected on the pier – which, they claim, would have had the added bonus of keeping sharks away, notes ABC 7.

“The statue needs to be 12-feet tall so it can ward off 12 times as many sharks,” said Chad Kroeger(!), one of main advocates. “And perhaps more importantly, bring our country together, times 12.”

The council rejected the statue request, but in July Councilman Tim Brown donated a 1-foot-tall statue of Walker to the city to atone for the rejection, reports The Orange County Register.

While appreciated, the Walker fans felt the 1-foot statue was not enough, so they returned this week to ask the city for a Mount Rushmore-style tribute to Walker on a coastal bluff.

“One of the Dakotas has Mount Rushmore,” a Walker fan told the council. “We could have Mount Paul Walker. If we just put our hearts into this, I know we could get it done.”