Twentynine Palms firefighters rescue man from sinkhole

(Google Maps)

Twentynine Palms firefighters were called to rescue a man in Wonder Valley who fell into a sinkhole on Friday.

A man in his 50s was able to call authorities from his cell phone, which he had on him when he fell into the hole, which firefighters believe was about 8-feet deep, according to Z107.7.

When firefighters arrived to the San Dale Road address, they were able to use ladders place a ladder across the hole and then another ladder into the hole. The man was then able to climb out. He was taken to the hospital for observation.

Investigators believe the sinkhole may have been the site of an abandoned septic tank that had rotted away. County building and safety department and Office of Emergency Services officials were called to the scene to investigate if there are any more potential sinkholes on the property.