TV Station Reports The Obamas Are Not Moving to Rancho Mirage In Snarkiest Way Possible

The Obamas

Remember, last week when your Uncle Daryl let everyone on his Facebook feed know he was moving the hell out of The Coachella Valley because that commie Barack Huissen was moving to town and everything was going to be ruined forever?  Well Daryl can keep his condo in The Desert because KESQ reports that it is not true:

News Channel 3 has learned the former home of author Joseph Wambaugh is getting a new owner Tuesday night. We’re told a couple from Nebraska is buying the house in the Thunderbird Heights Development in Rancho Mirage.

KESQ then could not help themselves from getting snarky towards “other news outlets”:

The reports came after the president spent a weekend in Palm Springs with the first lady and their daughter Malia in June.

News Channel 3 started investigating whether the first family was buying the home the day they left the desert. We never confirmed the information, because it wasn’t true.

We wanted to report our latest information because of the large interest the story generated by reports from other news outlets.

Take that other media!

Thank you KESQ, for always making journalistic integrity your number one priority…