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TV Reporter Squats on Squatter

TV Reporter Squats on Squatter

Squatting the squatter
In Detroit, squatting is a huge problem – and as we learned from Palm Springs’ own squatter this year , it is a pain in the ass to get a squatter out of the home you own.

Sarah Hamilton owns a Detroit home and was planning on selling it – until squatter Lynn Williams moved in to the place. Sarah claims that she has been threatened with a knife and the squatter was able to get Sarah arrested after claiming that she tried to run her over.

Enter Fox Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff and his cameraman (yes, some TV stations are not too cheap to have cameramen). Charlie gets permission from Sarah (and keys) to move in…this makes squatter Lynn (who is “blessed” to also able to steal electricity) not at all happy.

See how it all goes down here: