TV Report on Giant House Party Includes Dude Still Passed Out on Floor

Michigan Rave

Meet James Taylor (no, not the “Country Road” guy..the West Michigan party guy with bad facial hair). James threw quite the house party over the weekend. This party had:

  • two DJ’s
  • a fire thrower
  • go-go dancers
  • strippers
  • over 2,000 people in attendance

This party was so big , that when Fox 17 reported on it the next day, there were still people passed out on the floor:

Taylor takes responsibility for the reported drug offenses and alleged sexual assault – but not underage partiers. He told Fox 17:

“Any time you point at someone, you got three fingers pointing back at you, and if you are a parent that’s got a 14-year-old child that’s been able to be at my house all night, and according to the police, there was a lot of them here. So, I think some parents should do some reflections on their parenting before they start getting mad at me,” he said.

I hear you and all, but can someone check on that dude on the floor?