TV News Station Is Way Too Excited That Its “Benz Beggar” Story Has Gone Viral

Benz Beggar

Team 10 seems pretty excited that their story on a pregnant panhandler who was spotted driving off in a Mercedes has gone viral. We know this because they can not help themselves in telling you how viral the story has gone (“100’s of thousand of people!”) five times in their follow up report. A report that also includes:

  • A reporter holding a picture on her phone up to the camera (because graphics are overrated)
  • A possible sighting of the panhandling woman (now not pregnant – but similar purse and shoes!)
  • A facial recognition expert(!) used determining if it is indeed the same woman (80% chance)
  • A reporter showing off her bilingual skills (“¿dónde está su coche?”)
  • A mini-van peeling out

Meanwhile, somewhere in San Diego, Team 10 executives sit and hope this report can go viral too – mostly so they can follow it up tomorrow with just how viral it was.  Viral!