TV news station does laughable job faking a near accident

Utah Fake News

Sweeps month is the worst month for local TV news. As TV stations battle for ratings, they all air ridiculous and sensationalized segments in hopes that you will watch them and then they can charge more money for the terrible commercials they put on the air.

One TV station in Utah may have gone a bit too far with its dumb sweeps month piece on dangerous crosswalks by doing a laughably awful job trying to stage a near accident.

Viewers of Utah’s Fox 13 were treated to this piece of total nonsense that shows a young girl “nearly hit” in an intersection “while cameras were rolling” – I mean, “did you just see that?”. Then, and this is where the segment is truly insane, the girl is “so shaken up, she collapsed” .

To make matters worse, a Redditor pointed out that there is a pedestrian bridge just out of frame…

But, I am sure the TV station ran a scary promo for a few days about how we are all going to die in intersections and they had to have something to back it up – because sweeps month!

Tune in tomorrow for a segment on how a someone is using ketchup to cure cancer, learn what fattening candy can actually make you thin, and see how easy it is for criminals to break into your home using only a toothbrush and the meat of a McRib.

(H/T Uproxx)