TV crew covering California car break-ins gets their car broken into

(Inside Edition)

Inside Edition decided to cover the epidemic of car break-ins in the San Francisco area and the crew got a little more than they bargained for.

Reporter Lisa Guerrero set up a bait car complete with surveillance cameras near San Francisco’s Alamo Square. They placed a designer purse and $250 speaker in full view and, wouldn’t you know, a man soon came by, smashed the window, and took the items – which were outfitted with hidden GPS trackers.

The man threw the purse to a female companion who managed to escape, with the purse eventually being found in a trash can. As for the guy who took the speaker, well, he still had it in his hand when Guerrero tells him, “five million people are gonna see you steal that.”

The man dropped the speaker and walks away.

But the story didn’t stop there, while Guerrero and the crew interview a neighborhood resident whose surveillance camera also captured the burglary, their SUV gets broken into and, according to Guerrero, “thousands of dollars worth of equipment” is taken.


According to SFGate, break-ins hit an all-time high in San Francisco and Oakland in 2017, with 31,122 reported incidents.