Trio arrested for Palm Desert gym robberies

(Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.)

Three people were arrested after police say they were behind multiple burglaries committed at Palm Desert fitness gyms.

Investigators say that the suspect accessed the facilities by posing a gym member. They then entered the female locker rooms, cut the locks, stole property from inside, took car keys, and stole property from the victim’s vehicles, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept.

The suspects are also accused of using the victim’s credit cards and checks at local businesses within the area.

Crystal Jant, WFA, 36 years old of Banning, Victoria Gonzalez, HFA, 32 years old of Banning, and Randy Stalling, HMA, 51 years old of Banning, were identified as the suspects in the burglaries. They were also identified as suspects in similar crimes in the cities of Riverside, Temecula and San Bernardino County.

A search warrant was authored for the search of a residence on 5th Street in Banning. Jant, Gonzalez, and Stalling were arrested for burglary, identity theft, and possession of illegal controlled substance.